Rodriguez’ Brooklyn Concert

“…The outstanding act was Susan Cowsill, famous for a family singing group act in the 60’s who began with their hit song, “Hair” an upbeat chorale and then broke out into a truly kicking rock ‘n roll set. Was she another missing talent, holding out for the chance to be the next Bonnie Raitt?” (excerpt) 

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And the Sun Sets on Brooklyn


Just when I didn’t think it possible, to feel more blessed, more grateful, more touched by minutes in time then I already had been…….and then came Brooklyn at the Barclay… As I stood to the side of the stage with my heart in my hand waiting to go on, I looked to my left to find my champion, Rodriguez, being escorted out by his daughters to be brought to the front row seats to watch our set!! His daughter told me he never does that…EVER!!!…..Time stood still for me and mine as we took the stage Wednesday night, at 8:45 in front of 6500 open hearted music lovers!
The sheer presence of acceptance filled the air ,and me, with a serenity I could not have imagined possible as we started our first song of the night…..The Flower Girl.. What came after was pure magic, and I don’t mean me… I’m talking the kind of beautiful energy that only happens a few times in a persons life , when there is nothing but a direct beam of love and encouragement being shot through you like an arrow. Yeah, that was me/us up there on those big screen thingys for all of Brooklyn to see with Rodriguez sitting directly in front of me swaying and smiling and staring a hole straight through my soul! It was 20 of the most precious moments of this time traveled artists life.
Russ was floating a few feet above the floor himself! On most given evenings while we are playing, he is usually looking at me through the whole show , locked in , trance like, on me, but last night, each time I went to look at him… Ya know to say, “holy shit, were at the Barclay”… He was just in his own zone, eyes shut or fixed on something out there… Just totally in the moment.. It was awesome… Well…. It was, but I really wanted him to look at me so I could like go, “dude, look where we fucking are!!!!” But it was as it was meant to be … We were so locked in together, effortlessly playing our hearts out, this time, we didn’t need to rely on each other that usual way, tonight we were soaring, without a net, tonight we didn’t need one.
It was over so fast, but not in the blink of an eye kind of way, we both held on to every moment for dear life, really became one with it… In the truest sense of the word. We ended with Lighthouse, A Cappella…. It was an appropriate last song…..This life is long my friends, and no matter how lost we may become, how alone we sometimes find ourselves…. There is always a life line to be dropped down, to pull you up and out of the darkness, a light to lead us to where we belong….. And usually, a fellow traveler along the way or waiting at the end of the line to lend you a hand…on this night, that traveler’s name was Rodriguez. Thanks man, …just…thank you.
Stay tuned for part two; Allow me to introduce you to SANDRA KENNEDY!
Russ and I are traveling up to Rhode Island to play in West Warwick at Manchester 65 on Saturday, then at the ultra cool Dirt Floor Studio across the border in CT on Sunday. Look on the Tour page for all details. Oh, and that will also be a Who Dat Sunday! …against my other team, at that! Oy vay. 20131011-023145.jpg20131011-023208.jpg20131011-023226.jpg20131011-023238.jpg

Here We Went Again

Oh Lawdy ! So I think we left you in St Louis, right? We had a hell of a good time on the last tour featuring boat rides with our pal Mike Demsey in Osh Kosh after playing Water Fest and a lovely day in the park courtesy of our buddy Jac Gruenwald in Rippon ...

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Well Howdy Ya'll! This is us checking in with you! We set out on the 4th of July and have so far been to Indian Valley Virginia, Cleveland and just left Canton Ohio! We had a rained out porch concert, weather imposed visit with two of our BFF's Johnny and Linda Franklin at ...

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