CiV: Rod Stewart’s Every Picture Tells a Story

Hey y’all,

We’ve been locked out of our website for quite awhile.  We resolved the issue just in time to be able to tell you Happy Holidays!  And, our Covered in Vinyl Series returns this Friday, December 11, to Chickie Wah Wah with Rod Stewart’s Every Picture Tells a Story!  We’ll also be broadcasting it on our concertwindow page if you aren’t able to make it to New Orleans.  It promises to be a stellar night with an all-star band including Aaron Wilkinson (Honey Island Swamp Band), Robert Mache (Continental Drifters), Sam Craft (Sweet Crude), Mary Lasseigne (The Cowsills), John Fohl (Dr. John, Johnny Sansone). 8:00 PM CST!

Richard Cowsill Newport Memorial Bench Fund

Hello friends and family alike!I am writing to you today to ask for some help in raising money to help pay for my brother Richard’s Memorial bench at the foot of the hill at Kings Park in Newport!  It is just like..(well, actually a little nicer than) the one that was so generously wrangled for Billy and Barry by Tim Bartholomew and his then mate Jess!The bench cost is $975.  Tim generously advanced us the money and has already got the job done, as I wanted it in time for Richard’s May 12th memorial and party!  If this was next year we, the family, would be paying for it ourselves with our Happy Together Tour monies, but..the time is now, so here’s what you do if you would like to help!  Just click on the Donate button and enter whatever amount you’d like to give.

Wow! Three days is all it took to raise the requested funds! Thank you all so much!  And for those of you joining us May 12 for Richard’s Memorial, don’t forget to go sit on your bench!

Much love,


And the Sun Sets on Brooklyn


Just when I didn't think it possible, to feel more blessed, more grateful, more touched by minutes in time then I already had been.......and then came Brooklyn at the Barclay... As I stood to the side of the stage with my heart in my hand waiting to go on, I looked to my left to ...

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Here We Went Again

Oh Lawdy ! So I think we left you in St Louis, right? We had a hell of a good time on the last tour featuring boat rides with our pal Mike Demsey in Osh Kosh after playing Water Fest and a lovely day in the park courtesy of our buddy Jac Gruenwald in Rippon ...

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