Amcericana Gazette Top Albums & Songs of 2010

Top 15 CDs

9. The Beauties,  The Beauties
10. Truth & Salvage Co., Truth & Salvage Company
11. Marley’s Ghost, Ghost Town
12. Susan Cowsill, Lighthouse
13. WPA, Works Progress Administration

Top 15 CD’s

  1. Jason & The Scorchers                                    Halcyon Times
  2. Eric Brace & Peter Cooper                        The Master Sessions
  3. Kevin Welch                                                Patch of Blue Sky
  4. Amelia Curran                                                Hunter Hunter
  5. Tom Mason                                               Alchemy
  6. Peter Cooper                                              The Lloyd Green Album
  7. Sleepy Driver                                             Steady Now
  8. Donna Beasley                                         Under the Rushes
  9. The Beauties                                              The Beauties
  10. Truth & Salvage Co.                                 Truth & Salvage Company
  11. Marley’s Ghost                                          Ghost Town
  12. Susan Cowsill                                        Lighthouse
  13. WPA                                                            Works Progress Administration
  14. Nora Jane Struthers                                Nora Jane Struthers
  15. Anne McQue                                              Broken Promised Land

Top 20 Songs of 2010

  1. Patch of Blue Sky            Kevin Welch
  2. Big Steve                        Eric Brace & Peter Cooper
  3. Like a Weapon                  Sleepy Driver
  4. Gospel Song                  Peter Cooper
  5. Always have my love            WPA
  6. Chano Pozo’s Shoes            Tom Mason
  7. Neon Tombstone            Phil Lee
  8. River of Love                  Susan Cowsill
  9. Can I get a ride                  Donna Beasley
  10. Fashion Blues                  The Beauties
  11. I don’t work that cheap      Bill Kirchen
  12. Beat the Mountain            Jason & the Scorchers
  13. Missoula Tonight            Eric Brace & Peter Cooper
  14. I can’t love you anymore      Beth Kille
  15. When I go away            Levon Helms
  16. Babylon                        Phil Lee
  17. Welcome to LA                  Truth & Salvage Co.
  18. Long Black Vail                  Rosanne Cash
  19. My love will not change      Marley’s Ghost
  20. Branded                        Marty Stuart
One Response to Amcericana Gazette Top Albums & Songs of 2010
  1. Tom Sanders
    December 28, 2013 | 3:51 pm

    I wanted to let you guys know how much I enjoyed the cds I received recently (Lighthouse and Just Believe It), and to encourage you to keep making music because there is definitely an audience. I’ve had Lighthouse in my car playing for a couplea weeks now….I’ll stop once I decide which track I like best. I don’t really understand why Americana music needs a category…it seems to have stupefied the critics for some time. My friends tell me they call it just good music but I take it a step further…to me it’s good music that sadly isn’t on the radio….and this is from someone from the Nashville area who knows the crap they put out here, for I consider the stuff you all do much closer to country music, like Lucinda or Steve Earle…the joke around here was when George Jones passed the local stations had to make a dash to Walmart cause they didn’t have any of his material to play in tribute. And the irony is it’s probably true. There’s good music still being made….you just have to look for it sometimes.
    Like a lot of folks, I became “reacquainted” with Cowsills music from the recent documentary. What a fabulous piece of work that was…so heartfelt and honest and answered so many questions. I was aware of you all’s music but I guess too young to appreciate it, but even at that age I seemed to know that you guys were serious musicians, and even would hear one of the family’s names passing through this area from time to time. And thanks to the wonder of YouTube (the reason the web was created!), I’ve been able to catch up on the work and projects both you and your sibs have been involved in over the years. I love your brother Bill’s stuff…especially the Blue Shadows work. It’s like he was on the cutting edge of the Americana scene but no one in the states seemed to know it. It made me think of the Everlys, the Mavericks, BoDeans, Foster & Lloyd…I love harmonies.
    And I’ve known of the Drifters but didn’t realize you guys were involved. I enjoyed the grittiness of that work, and Brother Hobart—great lyrics, songwriting…wonderful stuff. Has a cd been released because I can’t seem to find anything? Would love to know if or when the Hobarts or you guys’ solo act is coming thru this area…

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