Willows Lodge, Woodenville, WA

A stripped down version of the band using me, Russ, and Sam was hired to play for the folks at Play Network on their big annual meeting at the fabulous Willows Lodge. After a long day of travel it was SO nice to finally get into our rooms.  The fact that they were exceptionally nice certainly didn’t hurt either!  The boys couldn’t wait to meet on their balconies in the morning to enjoy coffee together.  I’d thought it’d be funny to have a little photo shoot with the robes and slippers provided by the lodge.   Hence these fabulous photos.  They are too cute.  They then felt inspired to hit the exercise room and cripple themselves for later.  Boys.  We then shuttled over to Play Network’s main office to play for the music programmers and staff.  Chrissie Hynde’s new project with JP and gang were invited to perform as well.  Sorry no pictures.  We were really excited to meet Chrissie Hynde, but I think she was less excited to meet us.  Ahhh, you gotta love rock-n-roll.  No time to lament, so we hopped in an almost-limousine with our bff John Crooke to sound check for the dinner party held for the board members and executives back at the lodge.  We mingled and schmoozed, had free cocktails and played the first set and readied ourselves for the amazing dinner about to be served.  Russ’ roommate/bff from NCSA and drummer with Dave Mathews’ upcoming side-project David Johnston aka Shankar, showed up to our delight.  Things started running behind, so we started playing our 2nd set toward the end of dinner.  3rd to last song, in the middle of The Rain, the Park, and Other Things, I drew in a deep breath along with a Seattle based gnat.  Sam had to take 3 solos while I tried to find a new location in the back of my throat for the gnat.  So I croaked out the last 2 songs and broke a string in the process.  As you can see, Rock & Roll is extremely glamorous.  That gnat sat there for a few hours.  Happy to report he’s finally either made his way down to my stomach, or got digested by the enzymes seeping down my throat.  Enough about dat gnat.  We packed up and went to our party room with Shankar and John and indulged in as few of the expensive mini-bar treats as we could.  1 can of M&Ms, 1 bag of chips, 1 European fine chocolate bar, 3 Red Hook Beers, 1 bottle of Pellegrino, and 1 Pellegrino lemonade (VERY tasty!).   We talked and talked and talked like a bunch of teenage girls.  Finally shut down the party and got some much needed rest for about 5 hours.  Next day it was up early for a trip to Whidbey Island for a day visit with Star.  Awesome woman and fabulous healer.  Back to Seattle and dinner with Dayavaaayud.  “They Call Me Nobody” which ends in New Orleans!  So there it is folks, and there we’ll go shortly.   Talk to y’all soon!  Love, Susan

3 Responses to Willows Lodge, Woodenville, WA
  1. Donna
    July 30, 2010 | 1:51 pm

    So, Chrissie was her usual charming self. Geez.

  2. Donna
    July 30, 2010 | 1:52 pm

    I’m sure the love you gave, and the love you made, more than made up for her vibe. Good show!

  3. Moss-e
    August 2, 2010 | 12:07 pm

    Great story and details, loved reading it. A gnat, omg,lol. Love the pics.
    Thanks for sharing.

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