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Okay, I finally completed my questionare on our band page!  I wasn’t holding out or trying to be fashionably late or anything, just busy and not getting around to it.  The night Brendon and Ryan were hanging out with us in the hotel room (see earlier blog post), they took an interest in the whole concept and wanted to participate.  So, all three of us answered the questions dutifully as Russ typed as fast as he could to keep up.  It was entertaining and educational for us.  Hope it’s the same for y’all.

Tomorrow Russ, Sam, Mary, and I catch 6 a.m. flights for Milwaukee to perform tomorrow night at Waterfest in Osh Kosh.  It’s a bigger than usual production of the Paul Sanchez’s Rolling Road Show. Russ should be good and exhausted afterwards!  We’ll have a set.  Mary will have a little mini-set.  Shamar Allen, Big Sam, Alex McMurray, The Tin Men, and the list goes on and on.  Crazy fun ahead for us all!  Then, the next night me, Russ, and Sam will play a stripped down full gig at the Thresher Opera House in Green Lake, WI.  It looks like a beautiful theatre that I look forward to playing.  Hope to see some of y’all there!

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  1. Mark Moretto
    September 9, 2010 | 10:01 pm

    I have had the best time tonight. One of my friends ran sound for the Beach Boys in Bloomington Ill and your brother was playing drums. My friend had the best time. I commented that I had ” YOU used to be in love with me”. Sorry sorry. I was born in 58 and had started playing drums in 64. But!,…I loved the 60’s “variety shows” you know the list. I had caught the “Flower Girl” song om an radio (thats all there was) and you and your mom’s voice cut through just like Pet Clark! Then I waited up and caught the J cash show! You were the girl for me! You did the “GO Go dance thing” great! I loved the “Beach Blanket” movies! Oh you were there! I was 11 or so, I didn’t know what you were to me but there was something. I tried to ask the girls in my class how you did what you did,…I got no where! I grew up played drums went to college and played drums to pay for houses and college for the kids. I never met you and probably never will, but I always knew you guys were workin. I have done recording projects with folks (very small scale) but some would mention you and your song writing skills as well as your brothers. I would just smile and think “thats my wife” lol! Thanks for tonight and thanks for the inspiration. I do have a wonderful wife,.. that is oddly enough alot like you! Peace be with and sorry about your losses. Many happy days to you and your and ,…thanks

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