Christmas Time

Wherever I am
Wherever I stand
It’s my secret hiding place
Wherever you are
No matter how far you
Wind up inside my space

And I don’t think I care too much
Just what it is you see
I only know you’re
Looking straight through me

And here in the dark
Where it’s broken apart I
Paint by numbers on my face
Which one for today
Won’t give it away but
You see deep inside my heart
I’m not the only one you say
Whose paints are black and blue
They’re not the only colors we can choose
We can choose

Right now for today
I’ll stay where I stay just
Leave your number on my wall
Cuz it’s Christmas time
And that’s when I’m fine and I will
Think about it in the fall

Today I’m painting in the sky
All the colors that you see
Maybe I’ll save a few inside for me
Just for me