Oh New Orleans
You will always be my city
I will always be your daughter
The Saints are smiling down on us tonight

Oh New Orleans
I feel so free just standing here
The Mississippi whispering in my ear
Clouds are rolling over us tonight
I came back to wipe your tears
And I’m proud to hold your hand
There’s only so much anyone could stand

Oh New Orleans
I’m growing weaker everyday
I no longer have the strength to stay
I don’t even want the chance to fight the fight
But I don’t know where to go
Maybe some place I could see some snow
So far away from here they’ll never know

There’s a hole inside my heart I don’t want you to see
You’ve given me so much I only wanna give some back you see
So I’m leaving here today I’m no good to anyone this way
I’ve gone to save my soul and then I promise you that I’ll be back again

Or maybe I could find another way
Or maybe I’ll just fall asleep
And when I come back
I’ll find it’s just a dream
Just a dream
A real bad dream
A terrible dream

Oh New Orleans
Guess that’s all that I have left to say
No need to pack she took it all away
But I’ll take with me the world I used to know
I’ll remember that I’m still your child
Carry your music each and every mile
And I’ll be back when my heart learns how to smile again
Until then


Or maybe I could find another way