River of Love

She had to leave me
Said she had some place to go
I knew her heart was searching for its home
So what’s to do when you let go of flying falcons
Except to watch them disappear ‘til there no more

And as she flew well I called out
And I knew she heard her lover shout
‘Cause she tipped her wings before the fade

Oh the sun may set yet another day
I’ll be there for the rising one
And maybe it’s true you’ve gone away
But I’ll be waiting by the River of Love
I’ll be waiting by the River of Love

The heart’s a funny thing
Sometimes it never shakes
What happened to that friend that went before
And it may ponder it may wander ‘til it finds
Love’s secret phone to call upon that soul

And just sometimes you never know
You may be dreaming but you feel aglow
And you hope one day she will return


Another day goes rolling through my heart
As if it was another empty cup
And though I’ve wandered through these fields I’ve known before
I will never give up ‘til I see you again
I may never give up at all

And so I will take my precious time to hang around
And I’ll count the beats of my heart one by one
And even if it’s just some silly game I’m playing
Deep down I know it isn’t just for fun

‘Cause when there’s a will then there’s a way
And if I have to kneel and pray
Then I’ll kneel here and pray away


We criticized you
We recognized you
I memorized you
And I eulogized you
I loved you more than you’ll ever know
Man I hated to see you go

I’ll be waiting by the River of Love